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Vehicle Sign Services Design

You may have full artwork for your proposed signage, in which case we are able to bring your creations to life.

We'll work closely with you using our state of the art design software (Sign Lab) from our London studio to develop your initial ideas and provide on-going proofs until you are happy with the result. Of course, if you do not have any ideas at all, we'll come up with some from scratch and present them to you.

All of our designs are archived at our London office so we can provide consistency in repeat orders or across your vehicle fleet.

Three key principles of sign design for sign makers
To achieve well designed and effective signage, these three questions should always be considered.
  • Does the sign clearly identify who you are?
  • Does the sign clearly identify what you do?
  • Does the sign clearly identify how to contact you?
Any other additional information should appear secondary with less impact and avoid cluttering the core message.

Typography and Colour Schemes
By identifying the correct fonts, your corporate image can be enhanced. In addition, making simple adjustments to the type (weight, style, kerning etc) can produce a bespoke solution that best represents your business. See some sample fonts here. Choice of colours is also a very important consideration as certain colours and styles lend themselves to different business sectors. When choosing a colour scheme, bear in mind (especially for the purposes of signage) it is best to use complimentary and high contrast colours See our colour picker to select colours from our vinyl range.

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Send us your Artwork
Our preferred format for artwork is EPS. If it is available, but we are happy to accept your artwork in nearly every format including PDF, JPEG, Corel Draw (CDR), Adobe Illustrator (AI), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), TIFF, BMP and more.

Send Artwork
To send us your artwork simply visit our contact page, fill out your details, select the file you wish to show us, and press submit.

We have made a large number of templates available online in PDF format. Click here to view all templates.
  • Select a sign template
  • Print out your sign template and sketch on your idea or open the PDF in your favourite graphics editing program to digitally place your artwork on to the template.
  • Send your bespoke sign template to or fax it to 020 8426 8800.
Action Signs will then feedback on the merits and implementation of your idea before presenting a final proof and subsequent quotation.

Call today on 020 8426 6600 to discuss ideas for your signage.
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Logo Design Tips

  • Use your logo to reflect the intended qualities of your business. A thick and heavy typeface can convey strength and power whereas a fine and light typeface will convey elegance and austerity, for example.
  • If you wish to use a symbol to convey your business to the public, be sure that it is relevant, can be readily reproduced and is not overly complicated with colours or filters.
  • Save your logo in PDF, EPS, WMF or another vector based format rather than JPG or bitmap based formats to ensure the logo can be scaled to any size without compromising its quality.
  • More design tips...